Revolutionary Change Is Needed for

Omnumi is revolutionizing how digital currencies are moved, stored, and used in a fully-compliant manner

Keep Up With the Ever-Evolving
Financial Ecosystem

The Omnumi Platform is a compliance-forward digital currency and payments platform that enables identity-based controls for tokenized deposits and CBDC. We enable cost-effective real-time payment and settlement flows to those inside and outside of legacy financial systems.

Financial Institutions

Significantly reduce costs by leveraging Omnumi’s efficient and lower-fee transaction capabilities.

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Future-proof your payments infrastructure and get ready for programable payments.

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Central Banks

Benefit from real-time digital transaction capabilities that allow for more effective monetary policy implementation.

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Create innovative products and services that offer real-time transactions, lower fees, and/or smart contracts.

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Bridging Existing and Emerging Financial Systems

The Omnumi Platform couples the best of blockchain with a modern API-first, event-driven microservices architecture-based platform that makes it easier to accommodate the evolution from current market infrastructure to the Digital Currency Platform and Payments Infrastructure needed for the future.

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