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Delivering a globally compliant digital currency and payments platform that meets the unique needs of payment infrastructure providers, central banks, financial institutions, and fintechs

We Are Not Crypto

We are a compliance-forward digital currency and payments platform that enables identity-based controls for tokenized deposits, regulated stablecoins, and CBDC. We leverage the best of what blockchain has to offer coupled with a unique API-first and event-driven microservices architecture to deliver a platform that is focused on compliance, identity, and trust.

To revolutionize the way digital currency is moved, stored and used around the world.

We Are Addressing the Biggest Challenges of Money Movement

Our goal is to make it easier for everyone to have access to the financial services they need, when they need them. Leveraging the best of blockchain technology and the tokenization of money, we have built a platform with embedded compliance requirements that can instantly and securely move funds anywhere in the world at a much lower cost to the entire payments value chain.

Our Platform

We Are Creating the Future of Payments

Led by banking, fintech, payments, and regulatory experts who know legacy banking infrastructure – and why it is not sufficient for the future.

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We Are Omnumi

Our name is derived from the latin words Omni and Nummus. The Omni meaning “all.” Nummus meaning “coin or money.”

We are modernizing the global movement of currency in a completely transparent way.

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