Omnumi is revolutionizing the way move and store digital currency

Why Omnumi?

The Omnumi Platform provides a secure, compliant, and adaptable foundation for tokenized deposits and digital currencies.

Enable Real-Time
Movement of Assets

Omnumi unlocks innovative new financial products and services to lower expenses, enable real-time movement, and create immutable traceability for all transactions.

Financial Institutions

Significantly reduce costs by leveraging Omnumi’s efficient and lower-fee transaction capabilities.

Financial Institutions
Payment Networks

Create innovative financial products and services that offer real-time transactions, lower fees, and/or smart contracts.

Payment Networks
Central Banks

Benefit from the real-time/digital transaction capabilities of Omnumi, allowing for more effective monetary policy implementation.

Central Banks

Flexible Implementation for Any Institution

The Omnumi Platform, built around leading blockchain development standards, is designed with a cloud agnostic architecture to enable digital currencies.

Settlement (Central) Bank

The Settlement Bank is a tenant on the platform with each bank holding a wallet under the Central Bank for reserves and/or settlement purposes.

Government Disbursement Operator

GDOs are tenants on the platform and can manage multiple disbursement programs such as Social Benefits, Economic Stimulus and Microfinance programs for eligible recipients and participants under their tenancy.

Non-Bank Wallet Providers

FinTech’s can be direct tenants on the platform and its customers are users/customers under their tenancy.


The Omnumi Platform is a multi-tenant digital currency platform (DCP) that can support multiple banks with multiple account types on a single ledger:

  • Retail consumers
  • Small business merchants
  • Large corporate clients
  • Stored value cards
  • Tourist digital wallets

Build a Digital Currency Foundation

Create the next generation of how money is moved and stored.

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